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Save Money

By making your initial enquiry via this web site Phoenix Wills can offer significant discounts on our
usual fees.

We can now offer free updates to any existing will, drafted by anyone, when you purchase our Will Safe service.

Why Make a Will?

Making a will provides security for your loved ones at a difficult time. It is often something which we never seem to get around to but is an important aspect of prudent financial planning for your family.

If you have children under 18 it also gives you an opportunity to name a person or persons as Guardian to care for your offspring if you and your partner should both die.

An expertly written and properly stored Will ensures that your assets, personal valuables and keepsakes will go where you choose; your children, partner, relatives, a charity, pet refuge etc. Only by making a Will can you be sure that your wishes are carried out.

Our Service

We provide a private and convenient consultation at your home or place of work for you and your family. We are members of the Society of Will Writers, a leading, non-profit organisation of the Will Writing profession which keeps your needs as its primary focus.

Ask your consultant for details on protecting your estate while you are alive and securing property and assets in ill health and adversity.

Our Payment Plans

Cheap prices may be attractive but we feel that proper Will writing and estate planning is more important to our clients. Ensuring there are no problems when the Will is executed is of paramount importance.

Phoenix Wills provide an affordable service with various payment plans and options offering choice and value for money.


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